“Silent Beauty” – charcoal horse drawing

Well, folks….it’s that time again.  Time for another horse drawing! And not just any old fuddy-duddy horse drawing that I usually post! No sirree bob!  Well….I’ll let you decide on that. Gonna be simple but final results will be posted first with some close ups. Enjoy and please be sure to either comment, like, or tell me I stink….it happens. Continue reading “Silent Beauty” – charcoal horse drawing


FINAL FRIDAYS solo show at “L’image”

Greetings Everyone!  Just a quick announcement.

Had a SUPER FANTASTIC interview with the wonderful people of “L’image” located at 615 West Douglas, Wichita, Kansas.  They agreed to sponsor me for a FINAL FRIDAYS event that is coordinated with the City of Wichita and the City Arts. I will be displaying both fine art prints, limited edition prints, and ORIGINALS during the show, September 28th, 2018 from 6 to 9 p.m.  Please come by and say “hello” and most importantly, thank the wonderful people of “L’image” for sponsoring my work and getting me exposure to the great people of Wichita, Kansas.

Hope to see some of you there!

HAPPY NEWS! Quick announcement

Greetings everyone!

Just wanted to announce that artwork pieces I recently submitted into the Vernon Filley Art Museum’s Ninnescah Valley Call For Artist show and exhibition, located in Pratt, Kansas, have been ACCEPTED for jury!  THIS IS BIG for me.  I’ll be up against lots of artists throughout the entire State and up against more popular medias, but the fact that I even got accepted is enough to tickle me purple!!  Okay, just wanted to share.  Wish me luck and thanks for following – WOOO WHOOOO!!

“Hey Charlie! Look Over There!” – charcol drawing

Hello and thanks for reading my blog!

It’s going to be short and sweet today with no progress photos, since I feel I’ve done enough of that type of blog that one can at least discern how I do most of my work. So, I’ll just post the finished piece along with materials used and size. Hope you enjoy.

Continue reading “Hey Charlie! Look Over There!” – charcol drawing

Art display at Salina – discontinued


Sadly, I have to report that today I was notified of a new policy implemented at the Salina Innovation Foundation in Salina, KS, which has resulted in the termination of my artwork being displayed at their art gallery. Oh well…life goes on. But I sure would like to thank those who helped encourage me and supported me in getting up there, as well as those who purchased my art.  Thanks Val, Allen, Yvonne, TL, Georgia Lady (AGG), Mr. B, etc.

There’s always somewhere else to go and bigger fish to catch 🙂

“Two Sisters” – mastercopy

Greetings Everyone!

Well, I finally finished my mastercopy of William Adolphe Bougeureau’s oil painting entitled “Two Sisters”. This post is going to be rather simple, as I’m just posting the final results with a close and a brief description of the materials used. This drawing is also available FOR SALE to any interested buyers. Hope you enjoy. Continue reading “Two Sisters” – mastercopy

“Abigail” – carbon drawing

Greetings!  Sorry for the delay in posting new material but I’ve been quite busy lately. Short and sweet here: posting a recent commission of “Abigail” an Oldenburg horse that is trained for dressage. Did some tweaking with the reference photo to bring out the hidden muscularity of this beauty and will simply post the final results first – a few progress photos posted last.  Continue reading “Abigail” – carbon drawing

New Prints Available.

Sorry for the second posting but wanted to let readers and curious people know, I now have available in limited edition print only, the following pieces: “John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn in True Grit”, “The Tea Set”, and ‘“A Cowboy’s Tale”.

You can see the high resolution images and offerings under AVAILABLE PRINTS

Art Display at “Two Palominos” restaurant

Greetings!  Just a quick announcement today.

Some of my original artwork is on display in the back dining room of the “Two Palominos” restaurant in Cunningham, KS.  The address for the “Two Palominos” is 120 West 1st Street.

“THANK YOU” Ruth McFarland!

So, come on by, have a peek and grab ya something to eat or drink.  Hey!  That rhymes!

“Big Jake” – John Wayne portrait in charcoal

Plain and simple post today, folks. Just going to show two photographs of my recent John Wayne portrait, starting with the simple outline photo then onto the finished result. Hope you enjoy the final piece. Continue reading “Big Jake” – John Wayne portrait in charcoal