“The Peony” – carbon flower drawing

Just finished this afternoon, only moments ago. Hope you enjoy. Continue reading “The Peony” – carbon flower drawing


“After The Rain” – monochromatic botanical drawing


Well, just finished this piece moments ago and in perfect timing with the weather. Unfortunately, we don’t have the botanical blooms yet. Wolff’s 2B and 6B carbon pencils on Fabriano Artistico hotpress 300 gsm water-color paper. Just posting the drawing today. Hope you enjoy. Continue reading “After The Rain” – monochromatic botanical drawing

Monica – charcoal figure drawing

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Just finished this charcoal figure drawing of model “Monica” a few minutes ago. Still debating on whether I want to put in a background or not. Continue reading Monica – charcoal figure drawing

Denzel Washington – charcoal portraiture


I just recently completed another charcoal portraiture, this time of Denzel Washington from the Hollywood remake of “The Magnificent Seven”.  I have only a few more western theme portraits to complete, but I will also be drawing other subjects in between the portraits.  Hope you enjoy. Continue reading Denzel Washington – charcoal portraiture

Morgan Freeman “Unforgiven” – charcoal portrait drawing

Good evening!

Just completed another western portrait drawing of Hollywood actor, Morgan Freeman, from the movie “Unforgiven”. Hard to believe it’s been well over twenty-seven (27) years since that movie was made. Hope you enjoy. Continue reading Morgan Freeman “Unforgiven” – charcoal portrait drawing

“The Gallant” – horse drawing, new technique

Good day!

It’s not often I decide to deviate from my normal drawing style, but I thought I would attempt a long drawing using a new technique; well, it’s “new” to me anyway.  The technique is known as “hatching” and can be done in a variety of styles. So I decided to combine several of these styles and try my hand at hatching on one of my more popular subjects – a horse! Continue reading “The Gallant” – horse drawing, new technique

“Tatiana” – simple charcoal portraiture

Good day!

Just posting a simple charcoal portraiture of “Tatiana” today. I classify this portrait as “simple” because I did not spend time rendering detail in the drapery or worrying about every single curl of the hair. I’ve provided a reference photo for comparison.  Continue reading “Tatiana” – simple charcoal portraiture

“In Darkness, My Madness Comforts Me” – charcoal portrait/figure drawing

Good evening!

Trying something a bit different. Still working with charcoal but this time a little bit of an expressionistic twist. Don’t worry. It’s not a nude. Continue reading “In Darkness, My Madness Comforts Me” – charcoal portrait/figure drawing

“A Bedtime Story” – charcoal nude drawing

A simple nude drawing I did last night to practice rendering cast, soft and core shadows. Drawing the human figure can be VERY difficult, especially when working on a very toothy paper, such as Canson Edition.  The title of the story showing in the opened book is a parody on the young Woman’s instagram handle.  Cheers!

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“Melancholic Beauty” – charcoal horse drawing

Greetings!  Hope you are having a great evening.

Just finished this charcoal drawing tonight. Strathmore 500 bristol plate ultra-smooth using Nitram vine/willow charcoals and Generals compressed charcoal.  Hope you enjoy.

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