“Big Jake” – John Wayne portrait in charcoal

Plain and simple post today, folks. Just going to show two photographs of my recent John Wayne portrait, starting with the simple outline photo then onto the finished result. Hope you enjoy the final piece. Continue reading “Big Jake” – John Wayne portrait in charcoal


John Wayne as “Rooster Cogburn” in TRUE GRIT – charcoal

Today’s blog post is going to be a write-up on some new paper that I tried and my personal thoughts and recommendations regarding it. Of course, there just HAD to be a drawing associated with testing out a new paper, so I decided to go with a favored character from a famous “western” genre.  The drawing is at the end of this post so if you feel impatient and get bored easily, just scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the end result. Continue reading John Wayne as “Rooster Cogburn” in TRUE GRIT – charcoal


Starting on July 20th, 2018, I will be showing some of my artwork at the Salina Innovation Foundation and Art Gallery in Salina, Kansas. Some of my more recent original drawings will be on display, as well as a couple of older ones. Some select limited edition prints will also be available and ALL artwork will be framed and FOR SALE. The artwork will be on display for several weeks so, if you’re interested, come on by and check em’ out!  And of course, bring your wallet/checkbook/credit card :-).

From The Womb I Have Known Thee – charcaol on bristol board

I would like to first extend a great big “THANK YOU” to Samantha Key, who lives over across the pond in the U.K. (England, I believe) for granting me permission to use one of her photos as a reference for this drawing.  You’ll see her work simply by clicking here.  I’m going to post the finished result first and then follow it with a written description and some close up images of the completed piece. Enjoy!  Continue reading From The Womb I Have Known Thee – charcaol on bristol board

“Amongst The Lillies Fair” – stilllife drawing

A great big “Thank You” to DGG who has been kind enough to send me photos of her flowering garden plants. She has a nuclear green thumb so if anyone reading this is having problems with their garden, just send me an email and I’ll put you in contact 🙂  Continue reading “Amongst The Lillies Fair” – stilllife drawing

A Cowboy’s Tale – still life

This was one of the more difficult pieces I’ve drawn due to multiple light sources, lack of reference photos, and having no grouped subjects in one place.  Oh well….I guess I can’t have everything.  Continue reading A Cowboy’s Tale – still life

The Gardenia – still life

Short and sweet here folks: another attempt at still life, only this time it involves flowers. I have to admit, this one was a bit difficult due to the delicate touch required to render some of the textures and effects of the drawing. Hope you enjoy!  Continue reading The Gardenia – still life

TEA SET – Still life

An attempt at a still life, which is something I haven’t done in a while.  The majority of the tea set was rendered using only one pencil. Continue reading TEA SET – Still life


Hello and Happy Tuesday fellow readers and followers of this blog!

Just a quick announcement to make.  I’ll be at the Pratt Art Walk this coming Friday, June 8th in Pratt, KS and I’ll have my little display booth set up outside on the sidewalk, just in front of Parsons Jewelry on South Main. Most of my newer material will be there for sale, as well as some of my select prints.  The Miss Kansas Pageant parade will shortly follow the Art Walk, so hoping to have a busy day and great weather.

Hope some of you can make it and drop by to say “hello”


Double Portrait – A Lesson in Humility

A HUGE “thank you” needs to be extended to a certain follower of mine who also happens to be a purchaser of my art. If it wasn’t for her honest opinion and feedback, I probably would have ended up with a very unhappy customer. Sometimes an artist can simply get blinded and fooled by what they “think” they see versus what’s actually there. Continue reading Double Portrait – A Lesson in Humility