CUNNINGHAM TRAIN DEPOT 1895 – charcoal and carbon drawing

Here is another charcoal drawing I did last year around this time entitled Cunningham Train Depot 1895.  This drawing is now available in Limited Edition prints size of 17 x 22. I had a few fine art prints of smaller size made but they do not do the image justice, so I will not be extending the offer of Fine Art Prints for this piece.

UPDATE: 11-12-2017  The original drawing is now mounted, matted and framed. Click ORIGINAL to see what she looks like!

The entire thesis around this drawing was to recreate a scene from a by-gone era, that was once a very common feature of the little town I currently live in.  Over a hundred years ago, passengers could easily travel by train to Pratt, Kingman and Wichita, Kansas directly from the little town of Cunningham.

Back in the mid 1980s, the City of Cunningham decided to preserve the old train depot and turn it into a museum. But in order to do that, they had to move the entire building off the railroad’s property. Once the old depot was removed, it underwent both an exterior and interior renovation: a new, wood shingle roof and a few layers of fresh paint. Below is a photograph I used as a reference to draw the depot.


Since we no longer have the old steam trains running through town, I decided to go online and look at “late 19th century trains” and found several samples on the public domain which I thought would be perfect to use. I finally settled on one.

The entire drawing is rendered in charcoal and carbon. There is a smidgeon of graphite used in the passenger cars, but for the most part, the train is entirely carbon and the depot is entirely charcoal.

And what would a train depot drawing be unless it had people riding and operating the train? It would be pretty bland.  So, I decided to add some little characters to the image, making it appear as though the train is ready to leave, with the conductor waving to a young couple who appear late for boarding.




While rendering the characters, I did some google searches for “19th century clothing” and “19th century apparel”. I found exactly what I was looking for. If you look closely, you’ll see the man carrying the woman’s small black purse, the strap being over his right shoulder.



Also, I’ll be posting this under my ORIGINALS tab as well.




7 thoughts on “CUNNINGHAM TRAIN DEPOT 1895 – charcoal and carbon drawing

    1. Which one? The original or the print? The original is on its way to Auburn Hills, Michigan. According to FEDEX, it should arrive tomorrow at the art studio for purposes of scanning and reproduction. Currently the sizes and prices are not yet available but when the scanning process is finished and the original is returned to me, I’ll be posting an NOTIFICATION for availability.

      By the way…I hope you are doing better and back home out of the hospital.


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