“THE BLACK ANDALUSIAN” – carbon and charcoal drawing

This is a recent drawing I did of a black, Andalusian horse. I wanted to add some animal life to my portfolio and since horses and small, fuzzy creatures seem to be very popular among certain groups of people, I decided to go with the horses. This will be short and sweet in description.

The most important thing I wanted to do was to capture the dynamic beauty of the black horse, as its natural oils and sweat cause a glistening effect to its coat. When the sunlight hits those spots just right, the reflections create marvelous outlines that are bold, yet soft, and naturally fade.

I started out by first creating a proportional outline of the horse. Once that was done, I marked the areas where highlights would be and then started filling in. I used a 6B pure carbon pencil and nothing else. No graphite. No charcoal.IMG_1039

Here is the completed horse as a stand alone. I hadn’t decided what I wanted to do with the background at this point, and in fact, I was really tempted to just leave it alone and have it floating on a background of pure white.


After looking at some photos and getting input from my brother-in-law, I decided to go with a split rail fence that showed a little bit of weather and stress. I used charcoal for rendering the fence and its texture.  I also added the kicked-up dirt behind the horse, which is what happens when a horse is in full gallop mode. A running horse can literally be “air borne” for a distance equal to one-and-a-half times the length of its body before it ever touches the ground again.  Below is the final product.



I will be offering this in print as well. If you are interested in obtaining a print, OR would like to purchase the original, please contact me by using the information in the CONTACT tab.  Thank you for looking and reading.

6 thoughts on ““THE BLACK ANDALUSIAN” – carbon and charcoal drawing

  1. Actually, my daughter, who graduated in Fine Arts from the U of Akron, knows Durer and most Renaissance artists. She named her dog- a black Lab mix stray, found on the streets of Akron–Jan van Eyck. We called him ‘Eyck’ for short. She would love your Andalusian. She’s been riding since she was 8, and rides English.


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