“MY PURDEE BOOTS” – charcoal and carbon drawing.

Sometimes, just sometimes, the darndest drawing ideas pop into your head when you least expect them.  I’m not one that goes searching for something to draw. I often like to replicate other famous oil paintings but in charcoal and carbon.  If I feel graphite might be needed, then I’ll try to use it sparingly (I’m not a fan of the stuff, myself).

The following artistic endeavor came to my mind one stormy evening, as I was sitting at my desk with my computer turned off,  waiting out the rather powerful thunderstorm that is so regularly a part of Spring-time life in this part of the country. When suddenly, the idea hit me just as I looked at my two feet, which were casually propped upon the top of my desk.

The original idea was simply to show a pair of relaxed feet, in a pair of socks, resting ever so casually upon a rustic table top, with a nice set of polished cowboy boots sitting next to them.  One would then be viewing what would appear to be, a cowboy sitting at ease admiring his fancy boots. I only had one problem: I didn’t own a pair of cowboy boots. Please, don’t ask me how this idea came into my head but it did.

Now before any of you diehard rodeo fans and Southern gentlemen begin to question my manliness, I’ll be happy to let you know that I was once the proud owner of a pair of snake-skin boots back in my early youth.  Those boots lasted over 14 years. So there!

Below are a couple of pictures of how it started.



Here is a close up of a boot as it neared completion.



As the drawing developed, I realized it really needed something “else” to help balance the drawing. So, what is an artist to do whenever they suffer from “artist block”?  Why, they call up their older sister and her husband to ask for help, of course! Duh!  Come on!  Admit it. You would have done the same thing.

So, after a nice consultation with big sister and her husband (along with me begging and pleading for some homemade oatmeal-raisin cookies), we decided to add a cowboy hat and a denim jacket hanging on a coat stand.  Below is the final result.



5 thoughts on ““MY PURDEE BOOTS” – charcoal and carbon drawing.

  1. I saw this the other day and came back this morning to see it again.

    Love your artwork and your comments at the tree, too. Would it be ok with you if I post a link to this page over at the Treehouse? Your work deserves more than 14 followers!!!

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  2. LOL! Thank you so much for your interest and kind words, Lburg. Since Sundance runs a political blog site focused specifically on our current President, I don’t think that it would be appropriate for my site to be linked UNLESS Sundance or someone from their administration say it’s okay. I really do appreciate the offer, but I think it should be cleared with their site first. Thanks


  3. All kinds of artwork and music is displayed on the open thread – Certainly your artwork is deserving of the same honor and exposure…..Right? Right!!

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      1. Will you let me know what you decide, please?

        I don’t want to create more work for you, especially understanding and appreciating that the additional exposure and interest from the Treepers might take you away from actually working on your art.

        However, there may be an upside since Treepers are rather (ahem) supportive and it’s most likely immediate and possibly long lasting marketing.

        Marketing is not my intent. It’s just that we should all be exposed to your kind of artistic talent. It’s healing and uplifting.

        I promise that it would just showcase Purdee Boots (with a link to the article) and wouldn’t become an ongoing occurrence. Won’t do anything until I ‘hear’ back from you.

        PS – You’re also quite an engaging writer.


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