HEADIN’ HOME – charcoal and carbon drawing

While rearranging my artwork, I came across three old pieces of art that I had set aside to eventually be either culled (thrown away), or posted FOR SALE to any interested buyer.  The drawing is of a local barn but the horses, the fence, and the trees, and the windmill, are of my own making. I entitled this piece “Headin’ Home” and it is for sale. 

I’m going to forego the long story of why I drew this piece and just give a general background of what was used, provide a few close-ups and call it good.


HEADIN’ HOME – charcoal and carbon

SIZE: 22″ X 30″ on ARCHES 140 lb hot press white, watercolor paper. NITRAM charcoals and Wolfe’s 2B and 4B carbons

This piece was drawn nearly three years ago when I first started dabbling with charcoal and carbon. This is probably one of the first drawings I did to help pass the time and I got the idea for it while out on a long walk one evening while passing a local farmer’s herd of cattle in the pasture next to the old, dirt country road.

It was nearing dusk and the cattle were all heading back towards the feed bins and the watering trough. And right next to these was a big old tin shed with a grain silo. For some strange reason, the image of horses going into a barn popped into my head, so I decided to draw what came into my mind, instead of what I saw on the walk.

I just needed an old barn. No problem. This is Kansas. There’s lots of old barns around. Drove up the road, found what I was looking for, made a quick sketch (because I didn’t have batteries for my camera), then drove back home and pieced it all together.




So, if you are interested in owning one of my first full pieces I’ve ever done, then I’ll let your wallet do the talking and I’ll keep quiet and be happy to give her to a new home.

Yes. I do ship internationally and any international purchaser will be responsible for paying shipping costs as well.

Have a great evening!