ELI WALLACH “Tuco” – Part II “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” drawing

Okay folks. Here is my second portraiture for Part II in the series for my tribute to the Hollywood western movie classic The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.  Just going to show pictures first and the write-up will be placed below for those who are simply “lookee Lous” so they can skip the details.


Reference photo


A few close-ups



For those interested in what I used to create this portrait, you can continue to read further.

SIZE: 12″ H x 13″ W   Drawn on Fabriano Artistico 140 lb hotpress, bright white, water-color paper

I used mostly carbon for the hair and the beard stubble. I used HB and vine charcoal for the coat, the skin, and some lighter hair in the areas where the reflections would be strongest.  I used a 3B charcoal pencil to render the really dark shadows in the hair and shirt line, as well as within the region of his right eye.

Most of the charcoal for the skin was applied to the paper using a cotton ball. I applied the media based upon the direction the skin wraps and forms around the facial bones, which is critical for making life-like drawings.  I avoided the areas where highlights would be rendered since I want to keep those “white” until the end.

I then used an H graphite pencil and drew around the areas where highlights would be and I blended that into the surrounding charcoal.  I used a softened paper blending stump for this process because it is not harsh and won’t destroy the tooth of the paper.

The coat was rendered with an HB charcoal fusain and I drew strokes in the direction the material appeared to be flowing, making sure to follow the contours of the body and shoulders.  It’s those little details that make your drawing that much more realistic and are easily noticed with the naked eye.

I then used a kneaded eraser to pull out highlights in the coat and then went over the shaded areas with a B charcoal pencil. But instead of using the point of the pencil, I used the side of the pencil and never applied any pressure. I basically let the pencil’s own weight lay the charcoal onto the tooth of the paper.  That is how I created the “specks” of shadow, which makes the coat appear to be made from wool.

As an aside, I even rendered the hair on his chest, but you would have to enlarge the image to see it.  Anyways….that’s all for now.

I’ll be drawing Clint Eastwood next for the Part III finale but first….I have another commission I need to get done, so patience is required.

Thanks for stopping by and having a look!




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