CAN I GET A RIDE? – charcoal and carbon

Today’s drawing was something I had laid out a few months back but just never got around to doing it. I guess it would fall within the genre’ of “realism”(?) in the arena of art, but then again, maybe it belongs in another genre’ that I am not familiar with…which are many.

The subjects involved are two creatures that seem to be very popular among people; however I’m not going to disclose that at the moment, as I’ll let your imagination run for a bit.

MATERIALS USED; Fabriano Artistico 140 lb hotpress water color paper; Wolff’s 6B, 2B and B carbons; Generals 2B and HB charcoals and Carbon Sketch pencil; NITRAM charcoals H and HB for the wood.

I got the idea from seeing a photograph of a horse looking over its stall towards something that was much lower than itself.  The moment I saw the image on pixabay (royalty free photos) I knew what I wanted to draw. Here is the reference photo I used. The rest of the drawing was simply something that just popped into my head the moment I saw the photo.


You will see from the drawing as it develops, that I did not attempt to create an “exact” duplicate of what I saw. Main reason being that with all the dark tones and values in the photograph, the contrast would have been nullified and would have made the drawing less appealing.


I rendered the charcoal and carbon onto the paper in several layers, thus giving greater depth and realism to the drawing. Between layering, I blended everything into the paper using my super-duper, triple-top secret, classified 007, Captain Crunch magic blending tool. Don’t leave home without it!

Final results are below with added close-ups. I hope you enjoy.



ORIGINAL: is FOR SALE at the following price: $350.00 U.S.  Price does NOT include shipping nor insurance. Purchaser will be responsible for both. Size is roughly 15″ x  16″

Until next time – stay frosty.


11 thoughts on “CAN I GET A RIDE? – charcoal and carbon

  1. Knocked it outta da park one more time Mark!!! Sign me up for purchasing a fine art print or LE Signed & #’d whatever you decide to do.

    Love the textures, sweetness of kitteh’s position and the white star on the horse…oh heck LOVE everything!💖💕💖

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    1. Thank you AGG! If I can get one more person interested in an L.E., I can justify having them printed up. I’ll let you know via email if I go with an L.E. print. Only will make 10 if I do. Otherwise the Fine Art prints will be unlimited based upon demand.
      Thanks for reading!

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  2. Oh, the expression on that horse’s face is priceless, Marvelous Mark! The image of the little kitten looking up lovingly at his majestic buddy pal is so soft and sweet – I want to reach out and pet the little guy – and give an ear scratch to his friend!

    You rarely cease to amaze me, Mark the Man! Will you be posting this gorgeous representation on the ‘blog’ anytime soon? Hope so.

    Thank You for sharing your gift with us! God Bless You!

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    1. And THAT EXPRESSION, dear Duchess01, is exactly why I just had to use that reference photo!
      It should be posted for Saturday’s OPEN FORUM before Saturday arrives, if you know what I mean 🙂

      Thank you Duchess01 for stopping by and giving the compliments.

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    1. Sure Lois! Do you want a barnwood frame or a coffee bean color, or black? I can get some stressed barnwood that would go well with this piece. Darker than your commissioned frame. Let me know!


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