SERENITY – recent commissioned charcoal drawing

Today I’m posting a recent drawing commission of a favorite fishing spot that I was asked to render.  Not much of a story for me to tell other than a few bits and pieces about what I used to create the piece. I can say that the person who gets to fish there sure is lucky…..and it ain’t Kansas either.

I used a 3B 1710 Conte’ charcoal pencil for nearly 98-99% of the drawing. It is mixed with clay and has a very nice cool, dark texture to it, that I thought would be perfect for rendering an outdoor scene that involved cool, dark places. I had a few pictures of earlier stages but apparently, my delete button was working overtime and those early stage pics are history.



A word of caution: these photos are not very good. In fact, my older sister and some other family members would tell you the same thing: what you see here doesn’t do justice to the drawing. You simply can’t see the small little specks of black within the trees and they don’t show the small little highlights either.


Now, I would like to stress that I am not much of an outdoor scenery person when it comes to subject matter for a drawing. I think most outdoor scenery should be painted. I’ve attempted storm clouds before, and I’ve done a few trees, but I’ve never done a river with small rapids and falls, surrounded by lush forest and high mountains. So this attempt at “running water” is one of my first endeavors.


As I approached the end of the drawing, I was looking at the reference photo to see if everything was ‘balanced” and most of the significant landmarks were present. As I did so, that blank spot above the mountains just kept bothering me. It just didn’t look right to have an empty space above that mountain in the back. What to do…what to do.


Ah ha! I had an idea. I’ll put a small, whispy, lazy cloud that appears to be slowly drifting its way across the horizon. Of course, I would ask the person who commissioned the drawing if they approved of my idea. It was a “go”.  If you look at the photo above, you would think that there is some kind of “white” in the trees and lots of white in the water. There isn’t. It’s the poor contrast of the photograph and since I don’t use photo-shop, I’m not going to adjust it.  Although, if you have seen some of the images that resulted from the high resolution scans I recently posted versus the photos of my artwork, then you’ll know that this image is very poor.  Below is the final result.


I’m going to have to invest in a higher quality camera one of these days or at least, a place with much better lighting than my room. Anyway, just to let you know, those trees are actually darker than what you see above.

Please, let me know what you think!  See ya soon with another drawing coming soon.


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