I WON!!! My first award!

Just wanted to share with my followers that I finished participation in the 56th Annual Hutchinson Art Fair in Hutchinson, Kansas, and I was given an Award of Excellence which included a $100.00 prize money.  Thanks to all the followers who post encouragement throughout this last year!



23 thoughts on “I WON!!! My first award!

  1. Congratulations Mark!!! So fantastic!!! So well deserved!!! Never stop creating your beautiful drawings, never quit, never give up giving joy to those around you who adore your art and you!!

    You are a treasure and so VERY VERY gifted!!! God bless you💖💖💖

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    1. Sure, Disgusted! I’ll post the links to the three pieces that I submitted for jury. But I also want to stress that the judges looked at EVERYTHING, not just the drawings submitted for jury. They look at the professionalism of your display, layout, presentation, etc, but did focus on the quality of work.

      They also liked the W. A. Bouguereau drawings that I had displayed on my table for all customers to see. Here is the link to all the Bouguereaus

      Thanks for asking and being a follower of my blog!


  2. So sorry I could not attend the show. You are one of a kind. This is only the beginning so keep it up. Good to know what some judges expectations might be for future shows. Hope I can attend the next ones. Lois T.

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    1. It does and it doesn’t! I was informed after the show that had I a more professional display (presentation), I would have placed MUCH higher.
      Live and learn, so now I’m focusing on purchasing professional grade display panels and staying away from pegboard with white sheets LOL!!


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