TEA SET – Still life

An attempt at a still life, which is something I haven’t done in a while.  The majority of the tea set was rendered using only one pencil.


MATERIALS USED: Fabriano Artistico hotpress 140 lb (300 gsm) water-color paper; 2B Wolff’s carbon pencil; General’s willow charcoal powder; a piece of felt, two blending stumps; soft pastel brush; a kneaded eraser; and a chamois.

FOR SALE: $350.00           SIZE: 16″ x  20″


I applied most of the carbon by sanding the pencil lead into powder onto a piece of newsprint paper and then dipping my blending stumps into the powder. I occasionally applied the pencil directly to certain areas where a sharp, crisp edge needed to be made, but stuck with the stumps throughout most of the drawing.

Once I got most of the tea set finished, I used General’s willow charcoal powder with a soft pastel brush and gently applied the charcoal to the paper. This allowed me to “erase” out the table cloth and the back wall. I then applied another layer of willow charcoal powder to the left side edge and blended that area very gently using a piece of felt.

I created the “shine” of the serving tray using a piece of felt as well. I put down some patches of 2B carbon and a little bit of the willow charcoal and pulled out the “engraving” pattern using a kneaded eraser. I then blended over this with a piece of felt using a very gentle touch and in small circular motions.

Final result is below.



A simple “close up”


Well, that’s it for now. Going to be a busy day tomorrow and Thursday, as I’ve got some original drawings to cut square and size for their frames and glazing that are to arrive on Thursday.  Hopefully, the art fair will yield some positive results.

Keep your fingers crossed!



7 thoughts on “TEA SET – Still life

  1. Wowzah! Very impressive – Marvelous Mark – you just keep getting better – and more fine-tuned – we all ‘miss the mark’ (no pun intended) at times – but, when you ‘hit the mark’ – your talent shines through much like the reflection on the teapot –

    Time for Tea – TTFN

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    1. Thanks Duchess!
      Yeah, I have to agree with “hitting the mark”. Art is like that but what makes it stink is when you miss it on several pieces in a row LOL!
      Oh well, God has to keep us humble somehow 🙂
      Take care and thanks for your compliments!

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