The Gardenia – still life

Short and sweet here folks: another attempt at still life, only this time it involves flowers. I have to admit, this one was a bit difficult due to the delicate touch required to render some of the textures and effects of the drawing. Hope you enjoy! 


It’s awesome to have friends and relatives who are willing to share with you their photos so that you can use them in a future art project, and hopefully, one that does justice to the photos they offer.

MATERIALS USED: Fabriano Artistico; Winsor and Newton hard vine charcoal, Euro-blend 3B charcoal, kneaded eraser, a piece of felt and a chamois.

Here are the two reference photos sent to me by one of my GREAT followers, D.G.G. – trust me – she’s awesome!  Just ask Duchess….who is awesome too! Any who….

I combined the two and did a little artistic maneuvering with the images, as well as toned down the lighting.  However, I wanted to maintain a strong contrast to help make the flowers pop, so I eliminated most of the background in the photos and came up with the final result that you see below.

SOLD! – private collector

I did not use friskette in order to shade the background. I’ve tried that in the past and did not like how it left glue marks on the paper and how troublesome it was to remove it.

Nor did I use a fixative spray to create a secondary surface in which to layer. Just a lot of patience and delicate work is how this piece came about.


Hope you enjoyed!

Big shout out to D.G.G.!!  A special BLLDt!


24 thoughts on “The Gardenia – still life

  1. LOL!! 🤓💖💕💖😙…… oh, yeah and your drawing is SUPERBLY STUNNING!!!!!
    Captivatingly beautiful, you captured the flowers, buds & leaves perfectly!! I can almost smell the fragrance it is so realistic!! Great job BLLD😄

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  2. Lovely, Marvelous Mark! The flower petals are so true to form – and realistic – you rarely cease to please the eye – Thank You!

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    1. Thank you!
      YOUR drawing will begin tomorrow. I’ve got it all laid out and threw in something extra. I hope you’ll like.
      I’m just about finished with another garden still life tonight, but it didn’t turn out as good as I had liked. Oh well.


      1. Sometimes they don’t. I remember my art teacher telling me not to over work my sketches 😊 it was the best advice he gave me.
        Super excited! I didn’t realise you’d get to it so quickly!!! I’m sure it will be amazing. Thanks Mark 🤗

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      2. Well at least you know what you did wrong! I remember trying to copy an MC Esher picture. I got half way through and it didn’t look right but I couldn’t work out for the life of me where I’d gone wrong 😄😂


      3. I’ve always been able to draw since I was very young. I did a 3 year degree in art and then went on to be a teacher with an art specialism 😊 I don’t get chance to draw or paint as much as I’d like at the moment. My husband brought me a massive canvas for Christmas! I’ve been trying to do a massive sunflower field painting. I’ve managed to do the sky of the painting but need to find time to do the sunflowers 🤗🌻

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      4. Ah ha! Interesting because my older brother and I are similar in that we both were also able to draw at a very young age.
        Unfortunately, Dad liked to work and we also owned a restaurant, which kept us not just very busy but exhausted. We never got encouragement from either parent as they both thought it a “waste of time and can’t make money drawing pictures.”

        I would LOVE to learn to paint. Hoping I can start maybe this year, but first I want to learn what is all involved, so youtube videos are on the list. 🙂 I hope to see your sunflower painting some day. You should post a photograph of it on your blog or website.


      5. I should, although it may be some time as the little guy is keeping me quite busy at the moment! Lol
        I was lucky, my dad was very good at encouraging my artistic side but I was also told “you can’t make money being an artist” so I’ve gone down numerous other routes. None of which are very fulfilling. It’s why I find your blog quite inspiring 😊

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