Jeune Bergere Debout “Young Shepherdess Standing” – charcoal

Greetings!  Hope those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a great holiday.

“Young Shepherdess Standing” is my fourth and final drawing in the ‘shepherdess’ series of William Adolphe Bougeureau tributes.  I’ll make a small slide show at the end of this posting so you can see all of them together.

MATERIALS USED: Fabriano Artistico 140 lb (300 gsm) hotpress water-color paper; NITRAM charcoals; Primo Euro-blend charcoals; kneaded eraser; and a chamois.  SIZE: 23 ” x 6″

There really isn’t much to describe for this drawing, as it is rendered in pretty much the same way I do most mastercopies – just begin with an outline and go from there. Of course, getting the proportions and symmetry are most important before one can just start laying down the details.

What I did notice with this particular drawing is how quickly I was able to render it compared to others in the past, or at least, it seemed that way since I was away from it for nearly an entire 48 hours due to the holidays. Hope you enjoy!





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