Monica – charcoal figure drawing

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Just finished this charcoal figure drawing of model “Monica” a few minutes ago. Still debating on whether I want to put in a background or not.

MATERIALS USED: Strathmore 500 white bristol board plate; Nitram and Generals charcoal; kneaded eraser.   SIZE: 30″ x 23″ with image being 21″ x 21″

This drawing is available for purchase. Just click here: FOR SALE



6 thoughts on “Monica – charcoal figure drawing

      1. Hmmm if it was me no background because I’d be scared I’d mess it up! For you do a background! I think a background would ‘ground’ it a bit more and make it feel more complete.

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      2. Ahahaha. I think you would do just fine. I’ve seen your work.
        I decided to put in a very soft “base” just beneath her legs and hand, much like a cushion. It did the trick.
        Thank you for responding


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