“Sunflower” – charcoal horse drawing


Just finished this one last night. Still have a few minor touch-ups to do, after waking up with fresh eyes to see it more clearly.  A couple of close-up shots are below the main image. Nitram charcoal on Fabriano Artistico hotpress water-color paper 300 gsm.  Have a great day!

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8 thoughts on ““Sunflower” – charcoal horse drawing

    1. Thank you, Samantha!
      Sunflower was the most anxious horse of the three, mainly because she is the primary horse Adrein uses to barrel race, and she was bridled and outside the horse trailer.
      She kept striking her hoof to the ground and I asked Adrein, if Sunflower was upset, she said:”Nah. That’s her way of showing you she’s bored and wants to go run.”

      So, yeah, her mood was one of boredom. Great observation.


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