“The Botanicals” – some framed and on display

Trying to choose the right frame can be the most difficult part of displaying your art for others.  Choose the wrong frame, and the piece just looks bad. Choose the right frame and the piece looks good. But choose the perfect frame and your art will look wonderful!

I’ve framed four of my recent “botanical” drawings (images below) and they will be on display this afternoon at our local restaurant, in the back dining area.  While I don’t know how many readers of my blog live close by, if you happen to be in the area and are curious to see them in person, swing on by.  They always look different in person.

These pieces, along with two others, will be available for purchase in the very near future. So, if you are interested, or know someone who might be interested in purchasing an original drawing of mine, fully framed, please share this post or the link to this blog with others. Cheers!

After The Rain
The Lily


The Hibiscus And The Honey-maker
The Carnation


3 thoughts on ““The Botanicals” – some framed and on display

  1. I would love to see your work in person, but, I’m afraid the travel time would be beyond reasonable, LOL. They are certainly wonderful works and beautifully framed. I hope they show well, and perhaps you will get an offer to purchase. Have a great day.

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