PATRON’S AWARD winner – People’s choice award


Today was the final day for the 45th Annual Prairie Art Exhibit. Previously, I had listed the two awards earned from the juried exhibit. Today, I was given a third award: The Patron’s Award. For more information on this award, please continue reading.

The Prairie Art Exhibit was open to the public from April 13th through April 26th. Each visitor was given a ballot to cast for which artistic piece, he/she felt was their personal favorite of the show.  I am honored and still very surprised to announce that I was voted the Patron’s Award by the people.

I initially received a Merit award for “John Wayne as Big Jake” (photo with medallion below) and the Second Place award for “Hey Charlie!  Look Over There!”. Today I received the Patron’s Award for the same piece: “Hey Charlie!  Look Over There!” (photo below showing both medallions with the drawing)

I am surprised because I do not know anyone from around that area, and often times, shows that offer a “people’s choice” award is influenced by whether an artist has a large popular following. Thus the artist may not have been granted an award by the juror, they may be granted an award if they receive the most votes from the public.

To receive such an award knowing absolutely no one (and no one knows me) I am very humbled and even moved to tears that the public attendants chose my work over others. Today is a very good day!

Thank you for following this blog and to those of you who comment supporting my work. I am truly grateful and blessed!

10 thoughts on “PATRON’S AWARD winner – People’s choice award

  1. Wow! Oh, Wow! Mark the Magnificent has triumphed! Only one way that could happen – by the grace of God – you were acknowledged – another prayer answered!

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    1. Thank you for the prayers, Duchess! Now I need to enter a few more contests in larger regions and probably outside the State of Kansas.
      I need to get my face and hands dirty by going up against the best in the business, or perhaps, those more skilled than myself.

      So, hopefully in the coming months, I’ll have entered some more juried shows where hundreds of artists are competing. That will be test my metal and my skills. Be sure to tell little Miss Dee 🙂

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      1. Already have told her – after all – she owns two originals – 🙂

        This is all part of the progression for recognition – however – you know the art world – it is fickle – and – at times – convoluted – what passes for art today is really not art – good that you are in the right place to start your journey –

        Someday, I will tell you a story – and you will see what I mean – in the meantime – I ask you to:

        Trust in the Lord with all of your heart – Lean not only your own understanding – Acknowledge Him in all of your ways – and He will make your path straight!

        He knows your heart, Mark – and your heart’s desire – if you go into this with God – you cannot lose – He knows ways we cannot even imagine – He can open doors that appear to be impossible to open – nothing is impossible for God!

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