Just in time for Mother’s Day, I am now offering the original floral drawings that are part of my “Botanical” series for available purchase.  Prices are listed below, along with a photo of each piece and every drawing is fully framed and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity. There are discounts for first time buyers, and BIGGER discounts for repeat customers.  Be sure to read all the way through because there are some extra-special offers that apply to everyone! Sale ends May 17th, 2019.

And just to let you know: no prints nor scans were made for future reproductions. These are original drawings and one of a kind. They would make great wedding gifts, graduation gifts, or even a great Mother’s Day gift!  And remember: if you live within an hour-and-a-half drive, I’ll deliver your purchase for free! Thank you for your interest.


FIRST TIME BUYERS:  Receive a 5% discount off the purchase of any single botanical drawing.  Receive a 10% discount on the purchase of two or more original botanical drawings. Be sure to see the EXTRA-SPECIAL OFFER below!

FOR REPEAT CUSTOMERS: If you are a repeat customer and have purchased more than $200.00 worth of art from me in the past, I’m offering a 15% discount on the purchase of any single, original botanical drawing.  If you purchase TWO original botanical drawings, you’ll receive a 20% discount off each piece!  Purchase THREE or more original botanical drawings and you’ll receive 25% discount off the total price!

FOR JOURNALIST OR GALLERIES  who have written, reported, or displayed my work, receive a a 10% discount on the purchase of any original botanical drawing.

EXTRA-SPECIAL OFFER: Buy any number of botanical drawings and receive 25% off any original drawing  you choose listed in my FOR SALE section of this blog!  That’s a big savings!  Want to buy two original drawings listed in the FOR SALE section? Take 25% off each!!  Want to buy three?  Take 25% off each!

Prices do not include shipping.  Contact me if you are interested in purchasing one of these original drawings:   If you prefer to speak to me directly, then give me a call: 620-352-0909  I ship insured FEDEX but if you live within an hour-and-a-half drive of me, I’ll deliver to your door for free.  Thank you for your interest!

“After The Rain”  SIZE: 20″ x 22″  PRICE: $600.00

After The Rain

“The Lily”  SIZE: 15″ x 15″  PRICE: $500.00

The Lily

“The Hibiscus and The Honey Maker”  SIZE: 17″ x 17″  PRICE: $500.00

The Hibiscus And The Honey-maker

“The Carnation”  SIZE: !5″ x 15″  PRICE: $600.00

The Carnation

The Peony   SIZE: 16 1/2″ x 17″  PRICE: $600.00

The Peony

The White Shrub Rose   SIZE: 16″ x  18″  PRICE: $500.00


The Keeper and The Rose   SIZE: 15″ x 17″  PRICE: $600.00


Among The Lilies Fair  SIZE: 28″ x 36″  PRICE: $700.00


Thank you for stopping by and having a look!  Have a Happy Mother’s Day and I hope you take advantage of this sale!

See ya next time!

Mark Thimesch