Ilya Repin style sketch


Sorry about any delays in posting to the blog but I’ve found I get a much greater amount of feedback and interaction via instagram. So, if you want to see my work a lot more regularly and see “work in progess” videos and photos, you can follow me on Instagram @mark_thimesch.  Today’s post is a simple sketch I rendered Sunday afternoon.

Ilya Repin is one of my top five favorite artists of all time. I could stare at his works for hours and never get bored. And because Repin is so well known, there is an atelier based in St. Petersburg, Russia called the “Repin Academy of The Arts” which teaches the style of this great Master.

While Repin is known for his paintings, his drawings are just as incredible (in my opinion). So, while google searching the Repin Academy, I came across some of the student work that can be found online.  I decide to mastercopy one of those drawings. I don’t know the title of the piece, and I have not included the reference photo here, so I thought I would just share my sketch anyway.

charcoal on strathmore 300 bristol smooth.