Another Repin Academy sketch

Since I am currently practicing some figure sketch and am so very fond of Ilya Repin’s work, I decided to try my hand at another mastercopy from images found on Google’s image search for “Repin Academy of Arts drawings”. This was much more challenging…

Mostly do to the constant interruptions that occurred while trying to start!  One of the things I find difficult is trying to recover that ‘in the moment’ feeling you have when you are drawing and time seems almost to stand still. Once I get interrupted, that feeling gets annihilated, and trying to get back ‘into it” after several hours away….well, it just doesn’t click.  And it’s worse when you have more than one interruption (try SIX!) with each one lasting from a couple of hours to half the day.  Oh well. I’ll stop complaining…but you fellow artists know what I’m talking about.

Okay, this figure sketch was drawn using a carbon sketch pencil from Generals pencil company.  I rendered the piece on Strathmore 300 bristol smooth board and used a kneaded eraser to extract highlights from the media.  My version of the mastercopy is the first image, while the reference is the second image.

Now, I did not render the gentleman’s left hand the same way as the original. That’s what happens when you are not looking at the reference but instead, thinking you know anatomy well enough that “think” you know how it goes…cough cough. Well…nobody is perfect.

I honestly think that had I used a willow charcoal for this piece I could have also created smoother looking areas, like in the face.  It’s a bit rough compared to the original.

I have been asked by several followers on instagram and via email, if I trace my drawings first before rendering them. No. Absolutely not. Not that I have an issue with those who like to trace, but I prefer looking at the image I want to create and utilizing my hand and eye coordination, to further develop that skill, as I find such a practice invaluable, especially in the field or on the go.

Well, that’s all for today!

See you later and thanks for following.

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  1. I couldn’t tell the difference between the two at first until you pointed out the hand! I SO get what you mean about interruptions and loosing that in the moment feeling where time stands still!!! You’ve explained it so well and it does get very annoying especially when it takes you ages to get into the moment in the first place!

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