Butterfly and flower drawing


Posting an untitled butterfly and flower monochromatic carbon and charcoal drawing today.  I’ll post the progress photos as well as the finished result.  There really isn’t much to write about but I’ll give some simple background information to the process.

MATERIALS USED;  Fabriano Artistico hotpress 140lb (300 gsm) watercolor paper; Wolffs 6B, 2B and B carbon pencils; PRIMO Euro blend HB charcoal pencil; kneaded eraser; two blending stumps.

I started out in my usual manner, i.e. creating a simple outline of what I wanted to draw. I used a photographic reference from pixabay for the butterfly, but used a photograph of my own for the Finnia flower.

Once the outline was done, I began laying down the first layer of 6B carbon and blending that with a nice large blending stump to create the dark foundation that helps reduce the need for multiple layering.  Once the blending was finished, I simply overlaid the next layer of 6B carbon then proceeded to render the flower and butterfly.

I used a B carbon pencil for the flower. Using a sanding block, I created some B carbon powder and used a small blending stump to thin out the darkening effects of the carbon, then used the exhausted stump to create the shadow effects on the petals. For the butterfly, I simply used a 2B carbon, as well as the exhausted carbon blending stump.

Butterflies are one of my favorite things in life….that and horses…and several other things.

Okay, see ya later!