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Monica – charcoal figure drawing

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Just finished this charcoal figure drawing of model “Monica” a few minutes ago. Still debating on whether I want to put in a background or not. Continue reading Monica – charcoal figure drawing


Denzel Washington – charcoal portraiture


I just recently completed another charcoal portraiture, this time of Denzel Washington from the Hollywood remake of “The Magnificent Seven”.  I have only a few more western theme portraits to complete, but I will also be drawing other subjects in between the portraits.  Hope you enjoy. Continue reading Denzel Washington – charcoal portraiture

Morgan Freeman “Unforgiven” – charcoal portrait drawing

Good evening!

Just completed another western portrait drawing of Hollywood actor, Morgan Freeman, from the movie “Unforgiven”. Hard to believe it’s been well over twenty-seven (27) years since that movie was made. Hope you enjoy. Continue reading Morgan Freeman “Unforgiven” – charcoal portrait drawing

“Tatiana” – simple charcoal portraiture

Good day!

Just posting a simple charcoal portraiture of “Tatiana” today. I classify this portrait as “simple” because I did not spend time rendering detail in the drapery or worrying about every single curl of the hair. I’ve provided a reference photo for comparison.  Continue reading “Tatiana” – simple charcoal portraiture

“In Darkness, My Madness Comforts Me” – charcoal portrait/figure drawing

Good evening!

Trying something a bit different. Still working with charcoal but this time a little bit of an expressionistic twist. Don’t worry. It’s not a nude. Continue reading “In Darkness, My Madness Comforts Me” – charcoal portrait/figure drawing

“A Bedtime Story” – charcoal nude drawing

A simple nude drawing I did last night to practice rendering cast, soft and core shadows. Drawing the human figure can be VERY difficult, especially when working on a very toothy paper, such as Canson Edition.  The title of the story showing in the opened book is a parody on the young Woman’s instagram handle.  Cheers!

Continue reading “A Bedtime Story” – charcoal nude drawing

Charcoal Figure Sketch – Nude

Good Day!

Just a little practice figure sketching last night of a nude model. Wanted to just simply focus on flowing lines and giving my brain an exercise in size, symmetry and proportion. Added a little aesthetic appeal around the edges. Nitram charcoal on Fabriano water-color paper. Just a little over three hours of work. Continue reading Charcoal Figure Sketch – Nude

“Trinity” – simple charcoal portraiture


Going to show a simple charcoal portraiture I was recently commission for. Simple in that I did not go into great detail with the person’s drapery (clothing). The main focus was to be on the individual’s face and hair, so that is basically what I did. But, there is enough detail there to hopefully be able to easily discern who the person is. Enjoy. Continue reading “Trinity” – simple charcoal portraiture

Jeune Bergere Debout “Young Shepherdess Standing” – charcoal

Greetings!  Hope those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a great holiday.

“Young Shepherdess Standing” is my fourth and final drawing in the ‘shepherdess’ series of William Adolphe Bougeureau tributes.  I’ll make a small slide show at the end of this posting so you can see all of them together. Continue reading Jeune Bergere Debout “Young Shepherdess Standing” – charcoal

“The Lily” – charcoal drawing

Finished this piece earlier today. I know I mentioned once before (perhaps on facebook) that I wasn’t going to do any more floral drawings for the rest of the year. Well, due to some brainstorming and some feedback from a few places around the globe, I’ve decided to extend the floral drawings a bit, and so I present this little piece to you for viewing. Continue reading “The Lily” – charcoal drawing