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“Abigail” – carbon drawing

Greetings!  Sorry for the delay in posting new material but I’ve been quite busy lately. Short and sweet here: posting a recent commission of “Abigail” an Oldenburg horse that is trained for dressage. Did some tweaking with the reference photo to bring out the hidden muscularity of this beauty and will simply post the final results first – a few progress photos posted last.  Continue reading “Abigail” – carbon drawing



This is going to be pretty short and straight forward post with the photos showing progress and completion. I drew this using Wolff’s 6B carbon pencil in a manner that is similar to some of my older long drawings. Enjoy.  Continue reading UNTAMED

From Out of The Mist

I’m going to write quite a bit about this drawing because there are lots of things that I want to discuss regarding how this piece came together and many of the things I had to consider. But since I know there are really impatient people, I’ll suggest you scroll down to the bottom of the blog to see the “finished” result.  Continue reading From Out of The Mist