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Monica – charcoal figure drawing

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Just finished this charcoal figure drawing of model “Monica” a few minutes ago. Still debating on whether I want to put in a background or not. Continue reading Monica – charcoal figure drawing


“A Bedtime Story” – charcoal nude drawing

A simple nude drawing I did last night to practice rendering cast, soft and core shadows. Drawing the human figure can be VERY difficult, especially when working on a very toothy paper, such as Canson Edition.  The title of the story showing in the opened book is a parody on the young Woman’s instagram handle.  Cheers!

Continue reading “A Bedtime Story” – charcoal nude drawing

Charcoal Figure Sketch – Nude

Good Day!

Just a little practice figure sketching last night of a nude model. Wanted to just simply focus on flowing lines and giving my brain an exercise in size, symmetry and proportion. Added a little aesthetic appeal around the edges. Nitram charcoal on Fabriano water-color paper. Just a little over three hours of work. Continue reading Charcoal Figure Sketch – Nude

“The Woman” – charcoal sketch

Since opening up my copy of Henry Yan’s book on figure drawing, I’ve decided to perform my own sketch using a model that is available here. I’m seriously thinking of turning this into a long drawing, i.e., an archival piece, something I normally do.  Continue reading “The Woman” – charcoal sketch

3rd Henry Yan mastercopy – female figure drawing

This is the third and final mastercopy of Henry Yan that I am going to do. I wanted to draw three of his pieces in order to understand his approach at drawing the human figure and why he uses “blocking in” the way he does. His style creates a very aesthetic looking drawing in my opinion. Have some pointers regarding these drawings that I will cover in this post, so if you are interested, then read on. Otherwise, enjoy the pics.  Continue reading 3rd Henry Yan mastercopy – female figure drawing

2nd Henry Yan mastercopy – figure drawing

I’m beginning to understand more and more how Yan uses the heavier charcoal to block in (shadows) the overall figure. He then creates disappearing edges within those shadows, allowing for an aesthetic appeal that allows the observer’s eyes to fill in the details. His use of hard and soft edges in the high-lighted areas creates a nice border which keeps the eyes centered towards the high-lighted areas and main subject.  Continue reading 2nd Henry Yan mastercopy – figure drawing

Henry Yan mastercopy – nude figure drawing

I was approached by several people over the past month during my two shows for Final Fridays, all asking if I drew nudes or had experience in drawing nudes. Sadly, the only thing I had were too detailed and they were looking for something “soft and less detailed”. So….  Continue reading Henry Yan mastercopy – nude figure drawing