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“Adrein” – smooth skin portraiture

Hello Everyone!

Today I have another portrait drawing for you. This one is another smooth skin drawing whose subject is the teenage girl named “Adrein” who comes to my little town once a week in order to help her Mother at the local restaurant. If you only want to see the final result, just scroll to the bottom, otherwise, read on……you might learn something.  Continue reading “Adrein” – smooth skin portraiture

THE PASSION – an artistic variation

Realism and photo-realism are genres of art that I have attempted to render on numerous occasions. Sometimes successfully, other times….meh….not so much. I still need a lot of work.  However, I also am open to trying something new because after awhile, doing the same thing over and over gets a little, well….boring.  Enter “Hey! What a great idea! I’ll try it!” category. Continue reading THE PASSION – an artistic variation

“Skip” The Horse – charcoal on carbon

Happy New Year Everyone!

Today’s post is in regards to a commission I finished yesterday for a lady who wanted a “portrait” of a horse. I’m going to give some detailed drawing information on this commission so if you want to just skip over the writing, feel free to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the final result.  Enjoy! Continue reading “Skip” The Horse – charcoal on carbon

TRINITY – portraiture. A lesson in dealing with bad photo references.

Good day, Everyone!

Today’s post will be a recent portrait I drew and a lesson in dealing with bad reference photographs when that’s all one has to work with.  For starters, the young girl’s name is “Trinity” and she just had a birthday, this past December 27th, and so this drawing was done as both a Christmas and birthday gift.  Continue reading TRINITY – portraiture. A lesson in dealing with bad photo references.

Fromme-Birney Round Barn and Windmill – private commission

Howdy everyone!

This one is going to be REALLY simple. Just going to post the final results of a private commission I was recently asked to do. If you would like to see the reference for this particular piece, you may do so here. Otherwise, it was a simple drawing using Wolfe’s B carbon pencil and Nitram H and HB charcoals.


FARM LIFE – recent commission

It’s not often I get commissioned to draw something that is a common sight around my neck of the woods, but when I do, I still try to put as much care into it as I would my own piece. Recently, I was commissioned to draw a scene that would be common among cattle ranchers. There isn’t much to tell here but there might be some useful drawing information if you are so inclined to read the comments. Otherwise, just judge the drawing yourself. Continue reading FARM LIFE – recent commission

Portraiture – Meet “MARIS”

As most readers know, I’m not a big fan of graphite. However, it has its uses and I like to use it when creating, or enhancing certain features within some of my drawings.  Just…not many of them.  Continue reading Portraiture – Meet “MARIS”


This is the last in a three-part series paying tribute to W. A. Bouguereau. The Young Shepherdess is my attempt at capturing Bouguereau’s realistic attributes that he so intimately places within each of his paintings, only I utilized charcoal and some carbon instead of oils.  Continue reading THE YOUNG SHEPHERDESS – Part III

PASTOURELLE – tribute to Bouguereau

Okay, folks!

Here is the second drawing in a series of three, commemorating William Adolphe Bouguereau and his Shepherdess series.  Today’s drawing is of his painting Pastourelle.  I’ve done a write-up detailing the steps I used to draw this particular piece. If you simply want to look at the photographs, feel free to simply skip over the written material.  Enjoy!  Oh!  And don’t forget to leave a comment or “like”

Continue reading PASTOURELLE – tribute to Bouguereau