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A Train In Winter

Good Evening!

I’m posting a recent commissioned piece that was actually completed back in April as an anniversary gift. Unfortunately, due to the shutdown of many businesses during the “pandemic”, the frame was delayed and was not available for delivery until recently. So after the lovely lady received her present, I was granted permission to post the drawing.

This piece was drawn from a photograph which appeared on the front page of the Fort Hays, Kansas newspaper back in mid-Winter this year, 2020. The steam engine is known as “Big Boy” and was driven across the State of Kansas as a sort of nostalgic awareness. It was very impressive to witness due to its enormous size.  Hope you enjoy.

The first photo is the actual reference used. The second is the commissioned drawing in its proper frame.  I’ve added a few photographs showing some closeups below.


“The Look” charcoal portraiture

I ran out of my normal drawing paper, so I decided to try a smooth skin portrait drawing using Strathmore 300 bristol vellum to see if my method of charcoal drawing could create a decent rendition of smooth skin.  I utilized a friend and instagram follower of mine for the subject.  It was very challenging drawing on a vellum surface.   Continue reading “The Look” charcoal portraiture

Charcoal Figure Sketch – Nude

Good Day!

Just a little practice figure sketching last night of a nude model. Wanted to just simply focus on flowing lines and giving my brain an exercise in size, symmetry and proportion. Added a little aesthetic appeal around the edges. Nitram charcoal on Fabriano water-color paper. Just a little over three hours of work. Continue reading Charcoal Figure Sketch – Nude

Facebook and Instagram

I post all of my “work in progress” and special events more frequently on my Facebook pages and instagram account. If you wish to follow me on Facebook, you can find me at these two pages:  Mark Thimesch, or Mark’s Art Studio.

To follow me on Instagram; #mark_thimesch


TONIGHT, October 26th 6 – 8 p.m FINAL FRIDAYS artwalk at GALLERY ALLEY


If you happen to be in the Wichita, KS area tonight, come on down to 616 E Douglas to “Gallery Alley” and see many of my original works on display. I’ll also be selling at BIG DISCOUNT prices (25 – 35%) on framed and unframed prints AND ORIGINAL pieces. Hope to see some of you there!

FINAL FRIDAYS solo show at “L’image”

Greetings Everyone!  Just a quick announcement.

Had a SUPER FANTASTIC interview with the wonderful people of “L’image” located at 615 West Douglas, Wichita, Kansas.  They agreed to sponsor me for a FINAL FRIDAYS event that is coordinated with the City of Wichita and the City Arts. I will be displaying both fine art prints, limited edition prints, and ORIGINALS during the show, September 28th, 2018 from 6 to 9 p.m.  Please come by and say “hello” and most importantly, thank the wonderful people of “L’image” for sponsoring my work and getting me exposure to the great people of Wichita, Kansas.

Hope to see some of you there!

HAPPY NEWS! Quick announcement

Greetings everyone!

Just wanted to announce that artwork pieces I recently submitted into the Vernon Filley Art Museum’s Ninnescah Valley Call For Artist show and exhibition, located in Pratt, Kansas, have been ACCEPTED for jury!  THIS IS BIG for me.  I’ll be up against lots of artists throughout the entire State and up against more popular medias, but the fact that I even got accepted is enough to tickle me purple!!  Okay, just wanted to share.  Wish me luck and thanks for following – WOOO WHOOOO!!

Art Display at “Two Palominos” restaurant

Greetings!  Just a quick announcement today.

Some of my original artwork is on display in the back dining room of the “Two Palominos” restaurant in Cunningham, KS.  The address for the “Two Palominos” is 120 West 1st Street.

“THANK YOU” Ruth McFarland!

So, come on by, have a peek and grab ya something to eat or drink.  Hey!  That rhymes!


Starting on July 20th, 2018, I will be showing some of my artwork at the Salina Innovation Foundation and Art Gallery in Salina, Kansas. Some of my more recent original drawings will be on display, as well as a couple of older ones. Some select limited edition prints will also be available and ALL artwork will be framed and FOR SALE. The artwork will be on display for several weeks so, if you’re interested, come on by and check em’ out!  And of course, bring your wallet/checkbook/credit card :-).

“Boys And A Wagon” – charcoal and carbon

Sometimes when drawing a picture, you reach a point where you think you are finished, yet after coming back to it a few days later, you see it with fresh eyes and state to yourself:”Hmm….sommmmmmethin’s miss’n.” and you can’t figure what it is. Continue reading “Boys And A Wagon” – charcoal and carbon