If you are interested in a personal drawing for commission or a portrait, or just a simple inquiry, you may contact me at the following email address:


I’m an individual who has discovered that an old, childhood hobby is another way to pass the time…instead of watching nasty television.  And now being encouraged (coerced?) by family members to start exposing my drawings to the world….perhaps for future target practice by skill-hungry hunters.

For now, this is simply the resurrection of an old blog I once ran back in 2012 to 2014 where I blathered about the stock market, giving away free trade ideas, which seemed to be rather popular. And on occasion (usually once a month) I would show a drawing, which, in case you’re curious, never really received much attention since it never really helped increase the size of one’s personal retirement account or wallet size….sigh.

I’m hoping to start a real website where I can display my artwork and sell regular prints, limited editions, and of course – originals.  That is my future goal anyway.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.