CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: All prices expressed are in U.S. dollars. I will ship internationally but purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs.

For International Buyers:I can not guarantee the condition of artwork upon your receipt due to some regions having greater geopolitical issues, bad customs officials, greater degree of theft, and jurisdictional issue.

“HEADIN’ HOME” – charcoal and carbon

HEADIN’ HOME – charcoal and carbon

SIZE: 22″ x  30″ on ARCHES hot press, white 140 lb watercolor paper.

PRICE: $300 or best offer

CUNNINGHAM TRAIN DEPOT 1895 – charcoal, carbon and graphite


SIZE 22 X 30  Drawn on ARCHES 140 lb hot press, white watercolor paper

PRICE: $1800.00

MY PURDEE BOOTS – charcoal and carbon


SIZE: 17 X 22  Drawn on FABRIANO ARTISTICO 140 lb bright white, hot press, watercolor paper.

PRICE: $1,250.00

PLEASANT BURDEN – Tribute to William A. Bougoureau 

PLEASANT BURDER – Tribute to William A. Bougoureau

SIZE:  22 x 30  Drawn on FABRIANO ARTISTICO bright white 140 lb hot press watercolor paper. Rendered in charcoal, carbon and graphite.

PRICE: $1,600.00

THE SILVER WARRIOR – Tribute to Frank Frazetta)

The Silver Warrior
SILVER WARRIOR – Tribute to Frank Frazetta

SIZE:  22 x 30  Drawn on Fabriano Artistico hotpress 140 lb bright white, hot press watercolor paper.  This item is not available in print and is only for sale as an one-of-a-kind, private rendition.

PRICE: $900.00

BILL PEARL – Legendary Body Builder

BILL PEARL – Legendary Bodybuilder

SIZE:  14 x 17  Charcoal, carbon, and a bit of graphite make up this drawing I did as a tribute to the spirit of body building in time for the anniversary of Mr. Olympia 2016. Drawn on Strathmore smooth surface Bristol board.

Price $200

LARRY SCOTT – First Mr. Olympia “The Stormin Mormon”

LARRY SCOTT – First Mr. Olympia

SIZE: 14 x 17   Drawn on Strathmore smooth surface Bristol board.  Pure carbon.

Price $200