As part of my own little side business, I also offer framing and matting services for any and all interested parties. If you want to purchase a print from me and want it mounted, matted, and framed, just let me know. Yes, I even do glass!  And all types of framing glass at that.

I can offer you a very wide range of frame styles, colors and sizes, as well as a multitude of different colored matboards, with varying textures and surfaces. In other words: I like to make art look like art and not just something to fill in a space on the wall. Here are my distributors, giving you an idea of styles and colors to choose from:

Framing should not just complement your interior, it should enhance and coordinate with the artwork itself. Art is meant to be viewed pleasurably and should send or express a message in some form or another. I’ve seen lots of great work look bland because of a bad frame. And I’ve seen bland drawings look simply fantastic because of a great frame.

If you are an artist who draws with charcoal, carbon, graphite, pastel, oil….whatever – I can help you and I would be glad to charge you a very reasonable price for your business!

One of the most important things I’ve discovered as someone who draws with charcoal and carbon; best preservation of your drawings is an absolute must.  Simple spray fixatives and storage in plastic sleeves with glassine doesn’t do the trick.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to a framer to have a particular piece framed, only to be asked: “Has the drawing been sprayed with fixative?”  – Ugh!

Fixative sprays, in my opinion, are only good for one thing – creating another layer of texture for which to add additional media.  Very few, are the fixatives out there that truly do not yellow, alter, or discolor a charcoal drawing.  The only fixative that I use now is a Museum grade fixative, and “yes’ they are far more expensive than your Krylon or generic brand fixatives.

I am also here to tell you, that sprayed charcoal drawings can still become smear even with multiple layers of fixative on them. I can also tell you that I’ve nearly lost three drawings because the framers who handled the “fixed” drawings simply thought they were “safe and okay.”  Did I get reimbursed for the damages?  Oh heck, no!  Luckily, it took many hours of diligent work but I managed to salvage the drawings without having to throw them away.

Enough of the rant.