Here is a sample of the portraiture work I do. If you are interested in having a portrait drawn for yourself or loved one, please see below.



If you are serious about having a portrait commissioned for yourself or a loved one, I believe I can be of service.

  1. Contact me via email:  markthimesch@gmail.com
  2. Send me a photo(s) of who or what (animal?) you wish to have drawn for a portrait. I’ll examine said photo(s) to determine if it is acceptable.
  3. If photo(s) are acceptable, I’ll quote you a price. Price will depend on factors such as: how many people, how detailed, how large, etc.
  4. If we agree to quoted price, I’ll email you a simple contract denoting what we agreed upon.
  5. A 15% deposit is required with the balance due upon your approval of the final portrait.

As of September 1st, 2017 the price for all portraits has increased. 

My Standard Size for portraiture is 14 x 17 for a single person portrait.  I can and have done larger sizes, such as 16 x 20, 20 x 26 and even 22 x 30 for single as well as double portrait. The more people in a picture; the larger the paper size; the greater the cost

PRICE: Starting price for Standard Size 14 x 17 single person portraiture is $400 which includes, shoulder, neck, face and basic clothing. Price is subject to increase due to larger requested size, double portrait, or family portrait, or extremely detailed images.

OCTOBER SALE: 14 x 17 single person portrait is $300.

Remember: drawings rendered in charcoal, carbon, and graphite will surpass any printed photograph for longevity purposes. Charcoal drawings from some of the great masters of the 12th and 13th century still survive today.




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