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Double Portrait – A Lesson in Humility

A HUGE “thank you” needs to be extended to a certain follower of mine who also happens to be a purchaser of my art. If it wasn’t for her honest opinion and feedback, I probably would have ended up with a very unhappy customer. Sometimes an artist can simply get blinded and fooled by what they “think” they see versus what’s actually there. Continue reading Double Portrait – A Lesson in Humility


I WON!!! My first award!

Just wanted to share with my followers that I finished participation in the 56th Annual Hutchinson Art Fair in Hutchinson, Kansas, and I was given an Award of Excellence which included a $100.00 prize money.  Thanks to all the followers who post encouragement throughout this last year!


“Essence” – Pounce Bag Portraiture

This is the last of my attempts at trying to master a pounce bag. I think I’m getting the hang of it and also have learned to control the pouncing when putting down the charcoal media, where the last two were crazy, with charcoal all over the surface.  Ugh!  Oh well. Gotta learn somehow.  Not going to give much details on this one, just going to post the finished product. Let me know what you think, please. Continue reading “Essence” – Pounce Bag Portraiture

Sophia Loren – pounce bag and a pencil

I’m attempting a new method of drawing portraiture – pouncing.  My first portrait using this method involves the beautiful Sophia Loren. Sadly, my drawing does not do her justice. Since I am so used to my “photo-realism” style, I had to not only learn how to apply the media differently, but to learn to draw with the bag as well. Not easy. Continue reading Sophia Loren – pounce bag and a pencil

“The Younger Brother (Two)”

I just completed this drawing of William Adolphe Bourguereau’s oil painting “The Younger Brother (two)”, rendered in charcoal and graphite on Stonehenge Aqua water-color paper. This piece was drawn in order to test the quality of this paper for drawing and I’ll be giving a review of that as well.  Continue reading “The Younger Brother (Two)”

Francis Benfatto – NITRAM charcoal on Legion Lenox 100 paper and review

I just completed this figure drawing today of famous body builder, Francis Benfatto, using a new type of drawing paper that I have never tried before. So, if you are simply interested in seeing the “final result”, you can simply scroll down to the bottom of the post. However, if you’re interested in reading my opinion regarding Legion Lenox 100 drawing paper, then feel free to read at your leisure. Continue reading Francis Benfatto – NITRAM charcoal on Legion Lenox 100 paper and review

“THE NAIAD” – pure charcoal figure drawing

Today’s drawing is a bit unusual for me; unusual in the sense that I have never done a charcoal drawing using only one type of charcoal and only a few grades. This drawing was rendered entirely in NITRAM H, HB and B charcoal batons.  All I can say is that it is definitely a different experience but I really liked the outcome of it. Read on if you’re interested to see what I created, otherwise, scroll down to the bottom to see.  Continue reading “THE NAIAD” – pure charcoal figure drawing